Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Gifts

Computer Processing Unit, CPU, Computer Unit and stainless steel bow 

© Laurent La Gamba, 2016


Vacuum and stainless steel bow

© Laurent La Gamba, 2016


Laptop and stainless steel bow

© Laurent La Gamba


     The Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder gifts series plays on the contrast between the symbolic gift mode in Western society and a selection of various objects from consumer society. Thus the artist creates a sense of nostalgia and embarrassment/guilt.


It is part of The Pandemonium of Versatile Objects project by artist Laurent La Gamba that began in 2016 and  plays on the precariousness, the obsolescence, of objects and their possible regeneration through art. 


Producing a highly aestheticized and tuned down vision made of glossy paper and shiny ribbons, which often evoke both childhood and pleasure but also mass production and consumer society at large; this project also, depending on the works, conveys a deep feeling of embarrassment and discomfort.

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