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Laurent La Gamba was born in a north Paris suburb in 1967. 


After specializing in studies of the work of Jacques Lacan at the Sorbonne University, he begins a career as both a painter and a conceptual photographer. From 2000, his photo installations dealing with camouflage in so many variants and which he describes as being intimately linked to his academic curriculum, allow him international recognition.


Laurent La Gamba's literary and artistic work is intimately intertwined.  


The first book, A Californian Odyssey, was published In 2012. A Californian Odyssey, is a narrative about the voyage of discovery of a young Frenchman from a poor background in the California of the eighties, which is a pretext to describe a sweet and sour France from an American standpoint. In the book, Laurent La Gamba also enthralls the reader with the ironic nature of his rapport to French cultural institutions, to his neuroses, to psychoanalysis, art or literature.


It is the first part of a large cycle, mixing autobiography and fiction, which will continue with Welcome to Lethargy land (2013), Willing Suspension of Disbelief (2014), and the Monlywood Trilogy: Monlywood, Monlywood Encore and Monlywood Apothéose (2015).




A Californian Odyssey (2012)

Welcome to Lethargy Land (2013)

Willing Suspension of Disbelief (2014)

The Estheticon (2014)

Monlywood (2015)

Monlywood Encore (2015)

Monlywood, Apotheosis (2015)

Fuck the French! (2015)