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Laurent La Gamba 

Fuck The French!

Translated from the French by Lyn Cole and Chloë Newton.

125 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1516832859


"Fuck the French! Fuck the French and their belittling education, Fuck the French and their pitiful, petty snobbery, Fuck the French and their slimy courtesy!" 

Fuck the French!, the new thought-provoking, scandalous and satirical book about French society, art and literary institutions by the most controversial contemporary French writer, Laurent La Gamba.


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Laurent La Gamba 


Translated from the French by Chloë Newton and Lyn Cole

170 pages 

ISBN-13: 978-1508994442

Overview:  "Being very attached to my sedentariness and to my personal comforts, I then told myself that I was going to be able to conquer the whole world without having to stray far from my home, making of this Monléon which had become my new hometown, this "Hollywood" of which I dreamed so much, in short my own Hollywood, a sort of "Monlywood", from whence, as time went on, I was going to be able to impose my art on the whole world unimpeded."


Monlywood, first part of the Monlywood Trilogy that will continue with Monlywood Encore and

Monlywood, Apotheosis. By the controversial author of Welcome to Lethargy Land and The Estheticon.


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Laurent La Gamba 

The Estheticon

Translated from the French by Chloë Newton and Lyn Cole (with a Postface by Colin Manlove)

136 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1505877120


In The Estheticon, Laurent La Gamba mingles absurdity and seriousness in a series of stories about plastic surgery and criticises contemporary society in its many guises: an analyst who dreams about having his nose done, an Irishman dressed up as a teletubby on a mission to murder the surgeon who messed up his mother's rhinoplasty, a Chinese mafia boss scared by the vision of a Miss France's protruding vulva, or yet a divorced man on holiday in Las Vegas shooting tourists with siliconed breasts... A collection of surrealist stories whose central theme is plastic surgery...Apparently nothing serious, but only apparently.


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Laurent La Gamba 

Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Translated from the French by Chloë Newton and Lyn Cole

130 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1502941053


This book mixes autobiography and fiction inspired by the different people who posed as models for the artist during his camouflage installations. Each photography is a departure point for a short story that always comes back to camouflage in its figurative forms and shapes the narrative. The stories are full of surprise twists and irony and form a thought-provoking and poetic whole.


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Laurent La Gamba

Welcome to Lethargy Land

Translated from the French by Lyn Cole

124 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1502435095


 This is the author's second collection of short stories. La Gamba abandons the New World for the Old and engages with a series of topics close to his heart. Ranging from an impassioned cry against the hegemony of bureaucracy in the arts in France to an amused glance at the reception of Damien Hirst in the Middle East, this intrepid and controversial writer seeks to entertain and irritate in equal measure. A tart reminder of how vulnerable the artist remains in a world which in seeking to exploit creativity only threatens to destroy it.


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Laurent La Gamba

A Californian Odyssey

Translated from the French by Chloë Newton

116 pages ISBN-13: 978-1500831547


A Californian Odyssey is a narrative about the voyage of discovery of a young Frenchman from a poor background in the California of the eighties, which is a pretext to describe a sweet and sour France from an American standpoint. It is the first part of a large cycle, mixing autobiography and fiction, which will continue with Welcome to Lethargy Land (2013), Willing Suspension of Disbelief (2014), and Monlywood (2015), in which Laurent La Gamba enthrals the reader with the ironic nature of his rapport to French cultural institutions, to his neuroses, to psychoanalysis, art or literature, in a land of pool blue hues and lush greenery.


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