The Monlywood Trilogy comprises a cycle of three books, Monlywood, Monlywood Encore and Monlywood, Apotheosis, that interact in synergy with each other.


Along the way, one finds the portmanteau-characters and the subjects that confer its specificity to the author's style. The uniqueness of the work lies in the fact that the texts seem unrelated but there is a correlation made between each text by the author either mid-text or a the end of the book, in a way making the book a coherent, meaningful whole retrospectively.


This structure both prototypical and paradoxical is of course a stylistic choice which sets its seal on these three books by Laurent La Gamba and participates in the creation of an uncommon architecture which break the novel's mold.


Monlywood is an imaginary city which has a whole gallery of characters and whose creation is announced as an epigraph in the first opus in a kind of neologistic glee and which consists in the simple transformation of the name of the village where the author/artist has lived since 1995 from Monléon to Monlywood.



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Monlywood, Monlywood Encore and Monlywood, Apotheosis,