Xmas Cars


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About the project

The series entitled 'Xmas cars' consists in the artist's rethinking the concept of cars given as gifts in some countries, especially in rich American states such as California or Florida where they are actual Christmas presents.


This is how the "Xmas cars" series is described by the artist: "I lived in California for quite some time and often on Christmas morning, brand new flashy cars were parked adorned with bows as presents in driveways awaiting the surprised recipient of the gift.


My aim was to go against the flow of the utter Western consumerism and make a travesty of this vision of happiness. I have collected cars from scrap yards and install them with the same merry knot - the symbol of a gift in the West.


Even if this "Xmas cars" project is in a way a form of criticism of the opulence of some parts of society, with its consumerism going full way, my goal, is to insist on the beauty and dreamlike elements of these written off cars whose colours and shapes inspire joy and pleasure too. The viewer will be the only judge of this contrast and its implications."

"Pandemonium of Versatile Objects"

Laurent La Gamba’s most recent project is a series of sculptures/installations. Entitled Pandemonium of Versatile Objects this project explores mass production and consumerism and the role they play in formulating memories and identity, through the visual coding of celebratory gift bows.


The Pandemonium of Versatile Objects series began in 2016 and is divided into several chapters. It plays on the precariousness, the obsolescence of objects and their possible regeneration through art. Producing a highly aestheticized and tuned down vision made of glossy paper and shiny ribbons, which often evoke both childhood and pleasure but also mass production and consumer society at large; this project also, depending on the works, conveys a deep feeling of embarrassment and discomfort (e.g "Anti-gifts series" or "Mourning bows series").